The Dance of Flight - A WORLD PREMIERE!!!

 "The Caterpillar's Wings - A Dream of Flight" had its wonderful world premier performances on April 30th, 2011 at the Loma Hopkins Theater in Winston-Salem's Summit School.

The show was truly enjoyed by everyone who saw it. It was even enjoyed be everyone who was in it - including the dancers who had to perform in their fleece costumes three times that day. Some people bleed for their art. These girls sweated.

The whole experience was a dream come true for the show's author and director, Ross Mihalko. And he was thrilled to be able to share the evening with his amazing choreographer, Karla Finger-Coghill, and the show's incredible composer, Tamara Douglas-Morris, who flew out from LA to join her parents, who flew in from England, to enjoy the show.

Everyone, audience and creatives alike, were eager to know when the show's next performances will be. We'll be sure to let you all know. Please take the time to sign our guest book and we'll keep you informed of all the caterpillar's upcoming flights.

Until then, believe in your dreams, and your dreams will believe in you!

To become a sponsor of the upcoming tours or to book a performance for your 2011-2012 theater season please contact us at All donations are tax deductible.

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      "Once there was a caterpillar who dreamed of flying..."

"The Caterpillar's Wings" tells the enchanting tale of the world's very first butterfly.  It has been adapted into a play, a musical and a dance theatre piece, but it all began as an original story by Ross Mihalko. 

"The Caterpillar's Wings" is now available as a children's book with words and pictures by Ross Mihalko.

"Believe in your dreams and your dreams will believe in you."

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"The Caterpillar's Wings" by Ross Mihalko is now available at

The Caterpillar Takes Flight on Stage

"The Caterpillar's Wings" was adapted by the Martha's Vineyard theatre group: Imp -Improv for Kids for their 2008 -2009 Story Theater Touring Show, "How the Caterpillar Got His Wings". 

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